Fatigue Design and Evaluation Committee
Fatigue Design and Evaluation Committee
Fatigue Design & Evaluation Committee
Fatigue Design & Evaluation Committee

Total Life Project presented at sae wcx 2019

Several papers associated with the Total Life project were presented at SAE WCX 2019.  These presentations can be downloaded below.

SAE FDE WCX Presentations.zip
Compressed archive in ZIP format [28.5 MB]

Links to Published Papers at SAE.org:


Accounting for Geometry and Residual Stresses in Weld Fatigue: A Strain Energy Density Approach to Total Life of Welded T-Specimens (Huffman)



Comparison of Total Fatigue Life Predictions of Welded and Machined A36 Steel T-Joints (Cordes, Norton, Brown, Munson)



FD&E Total Life T-Sample Residual Stress Analytical Predictions and Measured Results (Mach, Gales, Park, Okasinski, et al.)



Testing of Welded and Machined A36 Steel T-Joint Configuration Specimens (Norton, Gales, Blodig, Lister, et al.)



A Finite Element Based Methodology for Combined Crack Initiation and Crack Growth Prediction in Welded Structures (Munson, Mentley, Halfpenny)



Crack Initiation and Propagation Fatigue Life Prediction for an A36 Steel Welded Plate Specimen (Conle)


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